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PEP videos on WhatsApp

Elevate Your English Skills in 2 Minutes a Day

All the efficiency of the English In Context method in just 2 minutes a day. If your day usually feels like a race against the clock, our WhatsApp PEP videos were designed for you.

Affordable Learning Path

Daily WhatsApp English Lessons for Just CHF 10.- per Month

Free trial for one week

One Week of Free English Learning – Just a Message Away to +41(0)79 217 06 36. Improving your English has never been so fun!

Your 3-Step English Boost

Watch, Read, Speak – Simple Steps to Success

  1. Watch the video a first time focusing on the scene and the voice
  2. Watch the video a second time by reading the subtitles and listening to the voice
  3. Repeat the sentence out loud

Fun Learning Every Day

Engage in Fun & Easy English Learning – Start Now!

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