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What is English in context?

A method. An online school. An online campus. Videos. And much more...

Observe, listen, and practice: this is how we learned our mother tongue.

by heart
Knowing how to recite
"drink, drank, drunk"
does not quench your thirst!

You don't need to know how an engine works to know how to drive.

Pictures and context speak louder than words

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our method "in context"
a program adapted to everyone's needs

learn English like you learned your mother tongue

An innovative and intuitive method!

The contextualization of a word, verb or expression allows you to learn the language efficiently and with a minimum of effort.

Our method follows the theoretical foundations of situational learning: without translation, learning is done by deduction, by repeated exposure to words to promote long-term memory.

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The origins of
the "in context" method
This method goes against what is done in traditional schools. At English in context the goal is to be able to communicate in English by learning useful vocabulary for everyday life.

Like a chameleon, English in context adapts to its environment. Gordon began using his method over 30 years ago. Today, digital technology plays an important role. The media evolve, but the method remains the same. It adapts to the times.

Videos are omnipresent in our lives. We use this tool as our trademark. Through the campus, online tests, the use of applications such as Skype and WhatsApp; English in context is surfing on the technological evolution in order to integrate it into its educational method.

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