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Popular Wine Expressions

In order to keep up with wine connoisseurs, it is nice to know the basic drinking expressions:

Pop and Pour
The wine does not need to be decanted, it is ready to pour straight from the bottle.

Lay it Down
This expression means to let the wine age.

Let it Breathe
Allow it to decant, the fruit flavors will soften and it will open up.

Blow Off
When a newly opened bottle releases odd smells like sulfur, and other gaseous odors it is or needs to ‘blow off’. This can also mean that the wine seems high in alcohol.

Wine is Hot
High in alcohol- so much so that you can smell the alcoholic fumes.

Horizontal Tasting
Tasting different bottles of the same variety of wine, vintage, and region.

Vertical Tasting
Tasting bottles from different years, but made by the same winery.

International Variety
Grapes picked from every continent where grapes are grown.

Late Harvest
Extra ripe grapes are used, they are typically picked later in the season. This usually produces a sweeter wine.

Cult Wine
A wine with a following. Enthusiasts flock to buy a certain wine, raising the prices and making it harder to find.

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